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Collection of data

Sensors placed on your production lines collect production data in real time to make them available. The number of pieces produced is incremented live on the dynamic screens (tablet and screen connected).

Multi-media performance display

The collected data are displayed on site on dynamic screens and can be consulted remotely: on tablets, computers, smartphones and on dynamic screens in your premises. Your teams can be more responsive, especially in the management of stops.


The performance history of your machines is available on the software, the collected data is recorded and analyzed. Several types of analysis are available on the software and allow to highlight your main causes of non-productivity on each of your lines and on your workshop.

Continuous improvement

For a sharp analysis of your productivity, Leancure can generate performance monitoring reports and print them in one click. The vision on the evolution of the causes of stoppage and causes of non quality makes it possible to see if the actions of improvement put in place are effective. On average our tool allows an increase of 3 to 5% productivity in a few months.

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