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From SMEs to major manufacturers, we are present in a wide range of industrial sectors.

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Introduction of our PERFORMANCE module at SARBEC COSMETICS

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A simple tool to use and easy to exploit,

the most difficult remaining the responsibility of the customer: change the habits of his teams.


Food industry Continuous Improvement Manager

The solution is simple and scalable, it adapts over time to our needs.

The tool is now at the center of the Group's operational excellence approach.


Food industry Continuous Improvement Manager

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Leancure allowed us to follow visually our productivity,

and work on the real issues that were impacting our productivity.


Food industry Production manager

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We were looking for an affordable MES that would allow us to completely eliminate paper tracking.

We found this solution easy to use, at a very affordable price, and with a perfect visual for production management.


Other industries Maintenance manager

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We were looking for an automated, live performance recording. The application proposed by Leancure corresponded perfectly to our needs.

We were able to focus on big downtime and make quick wins. The measurement allowed us to value these improvements. We are satisfied with the ease of searching for information and visuals in the workshops. Leancure has become the standard for performance monitoring at Novoferm.

Manufacturer Production supervisor

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