18 Mar, 2021

The Operator at the root of productivity improvement

Industrie 4.0

The operator ensures the seamless operation of his production line. He carries out adjustments, controls the supply of raw materials, oversees quality assurance, and performs activities incidental to the maintenance of the system.

As a vital part of the value chain, the operator is by nature the driving force behind continuous improvement since he controls the system.

The actions of the operator are extremely consequential to the company’s overall productivity. He or she spends precious time each day troubleshooting the system as needed, such as when a quick restart is needed to address a machine stoppage or during a system update. The quality of his or her work has a significant impact on the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Also of great importance is the data collected by the operator on the production line. Collected with precision and analyzed in the context of daily operations, this information helps to prioritize which actions need to be taken in order to optimize the production chain in the short, medium and long term. Moreover, the entry of this data has to be quick and easy for the operator because he will seldom have time to perform this task concurrently with his or her other responsibilities.

At a time when digital transformation is overhauling the outdated processes on production lines, innovative companies are stepping in to fill the void by developing software that allows companies to quickly identify and correct machine stoppages, all on touch-sensitive tablets and digital forms. One such company is Leancure, based in Normandy, France.

Simple and intuitive for operators, the Leancure solution facilitates real-time data collection. Focused on productivity and visual management, the tool “Leancure View MES” (Manufacturing Execution System) accompanies the operator on his workstation and involves him organically in the continuous improvement process.

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