25 Jan, 2019

Client testimonial : Agrial group

Our client Agrial (Normandy agricultural and agribusiness cooperative group) testifies about their experience with Leancure.



Testimony of the R & D innovation project manager in charge of the Leancure project:

“Leancure made it possible to go quickly where it could have taken time and especially to mobilize very important budgets with other solutions. With Leancure we were able to advance in our logic of 80% now, without having to make any other investment choice. The solution is simple and scalable, it adapts over time to our needs and the new features are a reflection of real needs land and not gadgets. Despite of a dense and aggressive competition, the tool Leancure View MES is now at the center of the group’s operational excellence approach. Their approach allows the installations to take very little time, without even stopping the line, the commissioning is even faster and the first results even before starting a field action can save 2-5% of productivity. Then the action plans vary from one site to another, difficult to evaluate the performance of the site but the ROI is usually only a few months. Leancure is listening to the customer, they know and listen to the pitch, that’s all we expected, go fast and well! ”

A big thank you for this great testimony!